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5 Useful Pieces Of Advice For Sexual Assault Victims Seeking A Lawyer

When a sexual assault takes place, it can be very difficult to bring the perpetrator to justice. The concept of having to fight all alone often keeps sexual assault victims from realizing that they have help in a number of places. For starters, sexual assault victims should always contact a lawyer as soon as they have been violated.

In a world where the societal hierarchy often encourages victims to bury their stories, sexual assault cases do not always receive the attention that they deserve from an experienced lawyer. The following tips and pointers are designed to make the process of finding a lawyer easier.

1) Knowing What Constitutes Sexual Assault

Cases like these often exist in a grey area and it can be difficult for a victim to know exactly what recourse they may have. In some cases, a person can be sexually assaulted and remain unaware of the crime. Speaking to a lawyer to find out more about whether the incident that took place actually constitutes sexual assault is important. This keeps us from potentially making a costly mistake.

2) Do Not Tamper With Potential Evidence

If a sexual assault has taken place, it can be hard to keep a cool head about the situation. The victim may even be tempted to throw away everything that reminds them of what happened. While this is certainly a very understandable impulse, those who tamper with potential evidence could unwittingly damage their own case and provide their abuser with the chance to escape punishment for their heinous behaviors.

3) Head To A Hospital Immediately

This is one of the decisions that we can make in the wake of a sexual assault and it will only bolster our case. Informing the staff members at the hospital about what is taking place will allow them to take the proper precautions and perform the correct tests. Not only is it important for the victim to safeguard themselves against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases but it also provides them with added credibility in court.

4) Leave The Scene Fully Intact

In addition to making sure that any potential evidence remains viable, we must also take important steps towards leaving the scene where the assault took place fully intact. If the assault took place in a location that can shown to the police and a lawyer later on, do not move or touch anything. The area should be treated as the crime scene that it truly is.

5) Our State of Mind During The Attack Is Not Crucial

Sexual assault victims are conditioned to believe that they brought the attack on themselves in some way. This is especially true of victims who may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time that the assault took place. Victims need to be well aware of their rights. If no consent was given for what took place and the victim has reason to believe that they were assaulted by the perpetrator, their state of mind does not negate what actually took place.

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