Divorce Proceedings in Jasper TN

Divorce Proceedings in Jasper TN

Although the end of a marriage can be life-altering, to put it mildly, it's important to understand what to expect from your divorce proceedings in Jasper TN. At Olivencia and Cribben Law Office, we help our clients through this difficult time in their lives by making sure that they are advocated for and that their best interests are sought after at every turn throughout their divorce proceedings. If you have are being confronted with a divorce, don't go it alone! Get an experienced divorce trial lawyer in your corner.

Focus on Yourself While We Take Care of the Legal Proceedings

One thing that a lot of people don't think about when they're going through a divorce is that divorce isn't a cure-all to their problems. When you are married, you have one set of problems but are free from another, and when you are divorced, you have one set of problems but are free from another. Basically, a divorce means trading one set of problems for another set of problems. You have to decide which set of problems you feel most comfortable with.

The best way for someone to get past a divorce is to start thinking about your post-divorce life from the beginning. When you think about the "why," you can better endure the "how." When you think about the destination you want to get to, you can better navigate your way there. This is a very important point because people who are going through a divorce often think about nothing but the loss, but the truth is that there are also a lot of things you are going to gain with a divorce.

A Divorce is a Fresh Start, but Divorce Proceedings Can be a Drag

For example, you will have freedom from a certain type of upset that you have had in your marriage. You will have freedom from marriage-related stress that you had, and you'll have a new way to interact with your children if any are present. You'll have a new life and a new way to interact with your home and the world around you. For this reason, we try to get our clients to start thinking about the things that they're keeping and not the things that they're losing. All the while, we're there for them, handling all the details of their divorce proceedings in Jasper, TN.

Focus on Your Children While We Take Care of the Divorce Proceedings

Talking to your kids about divorce is very important, but often times, our clients want to do it too soon. The parent tries to talk to the kids about Mom and Dad and that Mom and Dad are going to split up before there is a plan in place. The most natural questions that children ask are what's going to happen? When am I going to see Dad? When am I going to see Mom? Are we going to be living in the same house that we did before? What's going to happen to the dog?

Kids ask all kinds of reasonable questions about the very specific things that are going to happen following a divorce and helping your kids overcome the trauma of a divorce is important. So as much as you want to have that conversation with your kids, it's best to wait until you have answers to those significant questions. Again, focus on healing yourself and your kids and let Olivencia and Cribben Law Office handle your divorce proceedings in Jasper, TN.

Divorce Proceedings in Jasper TN
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Divorce Proceedings in Jasper TN

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