How To Stop Wage Garnishment In Maryland

Article provided by: Holmquist & Dickerson

How To Stop Wage Garnishment In MarylandIs a governmental agency taking money out of your weekly paycheck in order to satisfy a debt? Would you like to know how to stop wage garnishment in Maryland? Good thing you found this website. Someone is standing by to take your call right now. Call 410.692.5315 and tell us your story.

Wage garnishment can put a huge burden on your finances especially when left ignored. Bankruptcy, poverty, and getting evicted are some of the consequences of ignoring a wage garnishment. Before these things happen, you need to learn how to stop wage garnishment in Maryland.

Filing for Chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy is one of the ways to stop a wage garnishment. This can prevent any further action against you. However, doing this can affect your credit report, so be sure to weigh the consequences and benefits first. You can also directly get in touch with your creditor and arrange another way to settle your debt. Make a reasonable offer, stick to it, and put the agreement in writing.

If the wage garnishment is already causing extreme hardship, you can consider appealing to a local court. Hardships may include difficulty paying the rent and not being able to buy enough food for yourself and your family. The previous ruling may be overturned by the judge as long as you provide enough evidence related to your expenses and income.

Hiring a lawyer can also be considered if your debt is already too high. This is more advisable than representing yourself while in court. An able lawyer is willing to give you tips on how to stop wage garnishment in Maryland while ensuring the best results. Contact us at Maryland Wage Garnishment to find out more. We specialize in helping individuals like you in your wage garnishment issues. Call us today to find out if we can stop your wage garnishment. You may apply for our lifeline program in this website, too. Maryland Wage Garnishment offers the lifeline program for those who are already being garnished but can't afford our legal fees. Learn more by exploring this website.